We all have stories.  I love hearing my clients’ stories as we work on their organizing projects.  I love hearing my friends’ stories as we share a meal.  I love watching stories unfold as I observe and listen…

As we share our stories, we give them life.  As they are told, the event being shared is alive once again in the present moment.  

As we grow, the meanings of our stories become transparent.  The lessons learned can teach us and shape us…if we let them.  In this sense, our stories can become more valuable as time goes by.

It’s especially amazing to me when our stories intertwine.  We are all connected.  Our words alone connect us in so many ways…  Our stories have the power to uplift a dear friend, to teach a young child and to comfort a family member.  

As we share our stories with each other, the great world in which we live seems a tiny bit smaller, bringing us all a little bit closer to each other…

What’s key is that stories can be shared, insight can be found and lessons can be learned simply through our interactions and our words.  “Stuff” is not needed.  Sure, a tangible physical item can help us remember a detail from a story, but it is not needed to give the story life.  Our words alone are capable of so much.

As you journey towards a simple, intentional life filled with all that brings you joy, may you NEVER underestimate the power of your stories.   For they have the ability to do so much…so much more than any “thing” you will ever own!