I’m With You…

My post on Facebook on Friday was about how letting go can be easier said than done sometimes. I had prepared that post almost a week in advance but ironically, it was just what I, myself, needed to read before my weekend activities.

I have intentionally been letting go of a lot of stuff lately. Some has been very easy. Some has required a longer line of questioning. And some has been a bit tough.

I had a few situations this past weekend that fell into that tough category. These situations required me to be very intentional and let go of what I was used to and comfortable with. I am sharing my experience with one of these situations with you to let you let you know that we are on this journey together… And to let you know that it’s more than just “stuff” that we sometimes choose to simplify…

On Saturday, I got my hair cut… A LOT. I donated 10 ½ inches to Locks of Love! I had been planning this for almost a year and a half, but when it came down to actually doing it, fears of change and letting go almost made me change my mind. In those moments of anxiety, indecisiveness and wanting to hold on to what I was familiar with, I reminded myself what my intentions had been for so long. And I reminded myself of what I knew would be gained on the other side (by others besides just me). So with my support team in place (my husband, kids and my long-time hairstylist) I proceeded as planned!

I cringed as she started cutting (trying to hold still, of course) knowing that the decision had been made (long ago) and that there was no turning back. But now that it is done, I am so thankful that I followed through with my original intentions. My heart is warmed knowing my donation will bring joy to someone who desperately needs it, my morning hair routine is simplified (saving time) and hair products will last a lot longer (saving money). In my book, that’s win-win-win!

So I want you to know that as I am encouraging you to be intentional in simplifying and letting go, I am walking the path with you! The freedom and joy I gained from this experience serves as fuel to keep me going and to keep sharing with all of you! And I know that as you continue to be intentional and work towards your life of simplicity, you, too, will find that on the other side of the tough decisions are the incredible feelings of freedom and joy.