My life has changed a lot the past year.  It’s been almost one year since I said goodbye to the corporate world where I had spent the previous 16 years.

Last year, the combination of some family life events, some soul searching and a giant leap of faith put me on a new path. The path I had been on wasn’t terrible, but something was missing. And in many ways I was just letting life happen to me.

My story is still evolving, but so far, this new path has been SO MUCH FUN!  Those that have known me for a while tell me I’ve changed. It’s humbling to see that all the good I’m feeling on the inside is being reflected on the outside. Inspiring others to let go and live simply has been incredibly joyful to say the least!

Today I’m sharing one word that has been at the heart of my transitions over the past year.  It is possibility.

This one simple mindset shift has done so much for me. I’ve learned to look for the possibility in everything that has come my way.  And with this new way of looking at things, new experiences and opportunities have presented themselves in unimaginable ways! (More to come in future blog posts!)

So next time something comes your way, good, bad or seemingly indifferent, let your mind wander…  Let it wander to places it’s never been and remain open to possibility…for days, weeks, even months.  And when you’re least expecting it (in the shower, in the checkout line or driving down the road), intriguing, crazy, unconventional ideas will come to you.   These are the ones filled with possibility. These are the ones you want to pursue.  Jot them down. Let them percolate.  Remain patient and open. Allow for the possibility that these crazy thoughts, these initially irrational ideas might just lead you down a path that could change your life for the better. Anything is possible!

I’d love to hear what possibilities you discover.  Feel free to share in the comments!

With many blessings,




We all have stories.  I love hearing my clients’ stories as we work on their organizing projects.  I love hearing my friends’ stories as we share a meal.  I love watching stories unfold as I observe and listen…

As we share our stories, we give them life.  As they are told, the event being shared is alive once again in the present moment.  

As we grow, the meanings of our stories become transparent.  The lessons learned can teach us and shape us…if we let them.  In this sense, our stories can become more valuable as time goes by.

It’s especially amazing to me when our stories intertwine.  We are all connected.  Our words alone connect us in so many ways…  Our stories have the power to uplift a dear friend, to teach a young child and to comfort a family member.  

As we share our stories with each other, the great world in which we live seems a tiny bit smaller, bringing us all a little bit closer to each other…

What’s key is that stories can be shared, insight can be found and lessons can be learned simply through our interactions and our words.  “Stuff” is not needed.  Sure, a tangible physical item can help us remember a detail from a story, but it is not needed to give the story life.  Our words alone are capable of so much.

As you journey towards a simple, intentional life filled with all that brings you joy, may you NEVER underestimate the power of your stories.   For they have the ability to do so much…so much more than any “thing” you will ever own!




Simplicity…a word that awakens a variety of feelings.  Maybe for you it brings feelings of peace as you envision it consistently in your life.  Or maybe it brings overwhelming feelings as you wonder how and where to begin incorporating it into your life.   Remember…it is a journey…

As with many things in life, simplicity looks different to each of us.  And it can look different at various points in our lives.  Growing up, my life was simple in many ways.  Yet as a child living on a farm in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, I did not view it as such.  I did not have the gift of the past to appreciate the present. 

Today, we have the power to choose to move forward on our journey towards simplicity.  Taking a bit of time to look back and reflect on where we’ve encountered simplicity in the past, might just make it a little easier to move forward.

Looking back and intentionally thinking forward, today I see simplicity as:

Being in nature
Creating art with family
Quiet moments of solitude
Sunshine-filled days by the ocean
Snow crunching under my feet as I walk in the park
Living what I love
Genuine laughter
Cool, rainy days watching surfers dance with the waves
Just enough toys to inspire my children, but not too many to overwhelm them
Noise-filled gatherings being present with those I love
White space in my home
Free time in my life
Gratitude in the moment

I encourage you to reflect on when you’ve had simplicity in your life.  What did it look like?  How did it feel?  How can you choose today to move forward with it in your life?  I’d love to hear what simplicity looks like for you!




In this day and age, the journey towards simplicity is a bumpy, sometimes nearly impassable, one.  We are constantly bombarded by influences of “bigger and better”, “more, more, more” and “you need this to be happy”.   Some are more blunt than others, but even the subtle messages can push us into an existence that is less than joyful.

As I look back, I realize my journey began many years ago, although I didn’t intentionally begin following the path to simplicity until recent years.  My mission with my organizing business and this blog is to support and inspire you to live a simple, joyful, organized, intentional life.   I hope to be a voice of hope in the midst of the influences that surround us on a daily basis.

A book is in the works with the details of my journey, but, meanwhile, through these posts, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my story.  I hope that the seeds I plant inspire you to let go of the status quo, question the “norm” and live intentionally!  May a life of simplicity and joy unfold for you!