In this day and age, the journey towards simplicity is a bumpy, sometimes nearly impassable, one.  We are constantly bombarded by influences of “bigger and better”, “more, more, more” and “you need this to be happy”.   Some are more blunt than others, but even the subtle messages can push us into an existence that is less than joyful.

As I look back, I realize my journey began many years ago, although I didn’t intentionally begin following the path to simplicity until recent years.  My mission with my organizing business and this blog is to support and inspire you to live a simple, joyful, organized, intentional life.   I hope to be a voice of hope in the midst of the influences that surround us on a daily basis.

A book is in the works with the details of my journey, but, meanwhile, through these posts, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my story.  I hope that the seeds I plant inspire you to let go of the status quo, question the “norm” and live intentionally!  May a life of simplicity and joy unfold for you!




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